Interview with Precision Ag about Ag Data Transparency

I was recently interviewed by's Matt Grassi about the Ag Data Transparency Evaluator and how to bring transparency to ag data contracts. Here is an excerpt:

Things tend to move rather quickly in the ag data world. Just a couple weeks ago attorney Todd Janzen announced the launch of the Ag Data Transparency Evaluator from the floor of Commodity Classic 2016 down in New Orleans, and already the first Ag Data Transparent seal has been awarded to Independent Data Management’s MyAgData acreage reporting service and Conservis Corporation.
Janzen and the American Farm Bureau Federation’s new tool analyzes contract terms and conditions set forth by various Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS) to address the concerns many growers are having with the data policies set forth by the FMIS.
I caught up with Janzen down in New Orleans for a brief chat, here’s some of the highlights: (PA): Why this project, right now?
Todd Janzen (TJ): “You know one of the things that American Farm Bureau and other groups have determined when they’ve done surveys with farmers is there’s just a high level of mistrust among farmers around what happens to their data after they send it into the cloud with a lot of these companies. So they (AFBF) started thinking about ways to fix that problem because you want people to use the modern technology that’s out there. This is one of the tools we are all hoping puts farmers at ease with respect to farm data.”

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