Livestock farms

Constantly under scrutiny from consumers, environmentalists, and even neighbors, we defend livestock and poultry farmers in court, before administrative agencies, and in the court of public opinion.



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Grain farms

We help grain farmers address the contractual and environmental challenges arising on their farms. 



Specialty crop producers

Specialty crops such as fruits and vegetables require special contracts. We help farmers who raise these crops as well.



Tomorrow's farmer

There is a wave of new farmers on the horizon that bring something different to the table. We help these farmers with the unique challenges confronting their operations.



Landowners and Tenants

Sometimes farm owners do not sit in the tractor but manage their land from afar. We assist these landowners with drafting leases, resolving tenant disputes, and ensuring their investment is protected. 


Here is a sampling of the projects we have completed for farmers.

  • Obtain zoning approval for CAFOs, CFOs and other businesses
  • Defend zoning appeals
  • Assist with obtaining CAFO and CFO permits
  • Defend livestock farms from CAFO and CFO permit challenges
  • Defend farm nuisance and Right to Farm Act cases
  • Resolve environmental violations
  • Address media complaints with farms
  • Draft and negotiate egg production contracts
  • Negotiate dairy supply contracts
  • Draft farm leases
  • Litigate farm related liabilities
  • Resolve wetlands violations and resolutions
  • Address pesticide drift and fish kill claims
  • Crop insurance dispute resolution
  • Draft farm management contracts
  • Assist with employee termination agreements
  • Draft farm employment contracts and dispute resolution
  • Draft grape production contracts
  • Resolve shareholder disputes 
  • Draft agritourism liability waivers