Janzen in AgFunder News: John Deere Obtains Ag Data Transparent Certification

Farmers using John Deere’s digital interface Operations Center have an extra level of assurance that their data won’t be used against them or inappropriately shared now that the farm equipment heavyweight has obtained the Ag Data Transparent (ADT) Certification.

As farming slowly becomes more tech-enabled and data-driven, farmers have concerns about where that data flows and how it might be used by other farmers and agribusiness companies.

The American Farm Bureau Federation consulted with various stakeholders in the data equation to come up with the Privacy and Security Principles for Farm Data in November 2014. The 13 principles layout rules of the road for data collection and the agreements between agtech companies and farmers range from who owns the data to how contracts should be worded and what proper uses of data are. The organization launched a certification in 2016 coupled with the Ag Data Transparency Evaluator.

The federation issues the AgData Transparent Seal – a paid certification for data collecting agtech companies. So far nine companies have obtained the seal (one has since expired). 

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