Delta Farm Press Quotes Todd Janzen: Autonomous Vehicles

A recent issue of the Delta Farm Press, author Hembree Brandon quotes Todd Janzen when discussing the rise of autonomous vehicles and robots on the farm: 

In most modern farm machines the technology is already in place for autonomous operation, says Todd Janzen. "Most of them, you could take the farmer out and the machine could do the job on its own — provided it didn’t encounter any problems."

It’s inevitable, says Todd Janzen, that equipment manufacturers will offer tractors, combines, and other equipment that can operate without a human aboard. Some are already available, others are in the design concept/prototype stages.

But, he said at the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation Summer Commodity Conference at Mississippi State University, farmer adaptation of these machines may come more slowly than for robotic equipment for dairies and other operations that require a lot of humans and/or hard labor.

“I think that’s where the huge advancements will first come,” says Janzen, who heads Janzen Ag Law at Indianapolis, Ind.

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