Todd Janzen in Delta Farm Press: Ag Data Ownership

Delta Farm Press listened in on Todd Janzen's presentation to Mississippi Farm Bureau.  Here is the  article that followed about the importance of understanding ag data ownership.  

Not so long ago, says Todd Janzen, farm data was “what happened at the local grain elevator or farm supply store, where farmers talked with each other about crop conditions, the equipment they were using, the inputs they were buying, the yields they were getting.”

But today, when everything on the farm — from planters to irrigation rigs to combines — generates massive amounts of data, “farmers upload all that information into cloud-based systems, give it to someone else, and in return for giving up that data, hopefully get something in return in the form of detailed prescriptions about how to grow better crops on their land.”

And therein, says Janzen, who heads the Janzen Ag Law firm at Indianapolis, Ind., lies one big overriding question for many farmers,: Who owns the data?

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