Indiana State Department of Ag Unveils 2027 Strategic Plan

The Indiana State Department of Agriculture has unveiled its strategic plan for growth of agriculture. The document details plans for growth in seven key areas:

  • Economic & Community Development
  • Natural Resources Stewardship & Environment
  • Education & Career Development
  • Public Relations & Outreach
  • Leadership Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Food & Agricultural Innovation

Although economic development, innovation, and infrastructure are to be expected in any strategic plan of agriculture, I am pleased to see that Leadership Development is also a focus area. Leadership in one of our firm's core principles and it should be part of Indiana agriculture's mission as well. 

After reviewing the plan, I will add one editorial comment: Let's make sure that small and medium-sized businesses are not forgotten. I am firm believer that US agriculture was originally built by family-run and small businesses. Continued success depends not just on adding jobs to big businesses, but creating a climate that encourages formation of new businesses and expansion of existing small and medium-sized businesses. In an era of consolidation and mergers in ag, lets make sure the door is always open to the companies that want to start something new.

Great job, ISDA, on creating a long-term strategic plan.

Read the entire plan here:  ISDA Strategic Plan for Agriculture.