Todd Janzen interviewed by Brownfield Ag News about ag data transparency

Todd Janzen was interview by Brownfield Ag News about the Ag Data Transparent effort.  

"An ag lawyer says one of the biggest problems facing farmers who share their ag data with companies is the lack of transparency of how the information will be used.

Todd Janzen with Indianapolis-based Janzen Ag Law says the industry launched the Ag Data Transparency Evaluator tool last year in an effort to bring more transparency to ag technology contracts.

He says when farmers sign-up to use certain data platforms they may not realize all of the information they’re giving up.  “The very first question that we ask is ‘what are the streams of data you are collecting from a farmer if you sign up for this product’,” he says.  “From the very beginning of the process we know if you sign up for ‘company X’ or ‘product Y’ what exact information you are giving up.”

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