AgGateway Presentation 2016: Ag Data's Golden Opportunity

Todd Janzen recently spoke at the AgGateway annual conference about the promise of ag data and the legal challenges ahead.  The presentation was titled "Ag Data's Golden Opportunity."

Ag Data's Golden Opportunity is the chance to determine how ag data is addressed in contracts between farmers and ag technology providers.  The industry has not yet settled on a model contract for doing this, which leaves the door open to craft contracts and policies that address farmer concerns and treat ag data differently from other technology contracts.

Here are few slides. Please email Todd Janzen if you would copies of the presentation.  Use only by permission. (C) Janzen Agricultural Law LLC 2016

Part 1: How does the law view ag data ownership?

Part 2. The Ag Data Transparency Evaluator Project.

Part 3: How Ag Tech Providers can draft better ag data use policies.

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